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The Bahamas


Total Capacity
1 093 832m


Liwathon B.O.S., located in Grand Bahama, was acquired by Liwathon in 2023. Serves as our Americas Atlantic basin hub with deep and wide sea access routes, VLCC loading & unloading capabilities, and a prime position in the heart of major Atlantic basin trading flows. Acquired by Liwathon Group from Equinor, Liwathon B.O.S. is approximately three days from all major US ports and operates as a storage, import, and export centre for dark and light petroleum products. Its strategic Atlantic basin location near the US, without being impacted by the Jones Act, makes it perfect for building bulk, breaking bulk, and blending. The terminal has a storage capacity of 1,093,832 m³ (6,880,000 bbl) across twelve tanks.

Products Handled

Liwathon B.O.S. terminal, strategically located in the Gulf of Mexico, is a leading facility that offers advanced storage and transhipment solutions for the oil industry. The terminal provides a wide range of storage options for various dark and light petroleum products, featuring individual tank capacities ranging from 4,000 to 120,000m³. Its unique design, which eliminates the need for heels to float the roofs, allows for the complete segregation of product qualities, ensuring a safer and more efficient method for storing different grades of petroleum products.

In addition to its storage capabilities, the terminal also features an offshore sea island jetty that can be utilized for discharging, loading, and transhipment of crude oil between vessels of various sizes, including VLCC (500,000mt). The jetty is equipped with cutting-edge technology and infrastructure, enabling fast and efficient operations. Furthermore, the terminal can blend crude oils and refined products either in-tank, on vessels, or through blenders, creating custom blends that cater to specific customer needs.

Liwathon B.O.S.'s high pumping capacity is among the highest in the region, providing faster turnaround times for ships and efficient handling of even the heaviest crudes. Its state-of-the-art infrastructure and strategic location make it an excellent choice for oil industry players seeking reliable and efficient storage and transhipment solutions.

Rated Pump Capacity for 12-Hour Transfers of Aframax Cargo

Crude Oil (Light and Heavy), Fuel Oil, Clean Petroleum Products, Condensate and LNG

HSE & Social

Liwathon B.O.S. has a social responsibility program that supports sustainable development initiatives and positively impacts the environment and local communities.


Safety, health, and the environment are important to the company's corporate culture and are a top priority in all operations. The company is committed to continuous growth, improvement, and exceeding compliance standards and statutory regulations.

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