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“As a strong and adaptive energy storage terminal enterprise, the Group excels in navigating the ever-changing market with agility and expertise.”

Liwathon Group is a privately-owned industrial investment holding company with offices in Estonia, Bahamas and United Kingdom. The Group is in the business of acquiring significant and highly scalable energy infrastructure assets. Currently, Liwathon owns over 2,100,000  of storage across 5 facilities in 2 locations.

Our philosophy is simple - we combine nimble efficiency and world class assets to deliver shareholder value.

Through our profound market knowledge, expertise and solution-oriented mindset, we strive to become the industrial infrastructure partner of choice for businesses who wish to focus on their core competencies.

Our extensive range of quality services in the area of refining, handling, blending, risk management, product supply and storage of liquid fuels and chemicals traded for worldwide destinations is performed at the highest qualitative levels.

About us

Liwathon Group, established in 2018, has rapidly grown into a prominent player in the global energy sector. In 2019, the group made its first major acquisition with the Estonian terminal, Liwathon E.O.S., formerly owned by Royal Vopak N.V. This strategic move solidified Liwathon's position in the European market, providing a strong foundation for further expansion.


Fast forward to 2023, the group continued its growth trajectory by acquiring the Bahamas terminal, now known as Liwathon B.O.S., which was previously owned by Equinor ASA. This acquisition not only expanded Liwathon's reach into the Americas, but also further demonstrated their commitment to becoming a leading, innovative energy infrastructure provider on a global scale.



Mission & Values

Our mission is to connect global physical markets through owning and operating vital industrial infrastructure. Our vision is to be the industrial infrastructure partner of choice for businesses who wish to focus on their core competencies, through providing reliable, flexible and efficient value adding services to our customers.

Liwathon values prioritizes sustainability, adjusting to societal needs while supporting future generations. We back UN Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on SDG 9. Our values are safety, health, environment, integrity, team spirit, agility, and operational excellence. Our Code of Conduct addresses safety, environment, human rights, non-discrimination, fraud, corruption, anti-money laundering, and international sanctions compliance, crucial as we operate globally, including high-risk regions.

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