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Liwathon Donates to Grand Bahama Children's Home

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Liwathon Group is pleased to announce a donation to the Grand Bahama Children's Home, underscoring our commitment to supporting the local community. This generous contribution aims to assist the Home in providing a safe, secure, and nurturing environment for the island's most vulnerable children.

"As stated before, Liwathon is deeply invested in the well-being of the communities where we operate. We are happy to support the Grand Bahama Children's Home in their mission to provide care and refuge for abused, abandoned, or neglected children," said a spokesperson for Liwathon Group.

The Grand Bahama Children's Home has supported the Northern Bahamas, offering a safe haven and a chance to heal for children in need. The Home is dedicated to giving the best care possible, ensuring each child can heal and thrive despite challenging circumstances.

This donation coincides with the recent opening of Liwathon B.O.S. LLC, further emphasising the company's dedication to economic development and community support in Grand Bahama.

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