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PM of The Bahamas Officially Opens Liwathon B.O.S. LLC on Grand Bahama

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Liwathon Group, a global leader in the energy sector, is delighted to announce the official opening of Liwathon B.O.S. LLC on Grand Bahama. The grand opening ceremony, held yesterday, was honoured by the presence of The Honourable Philip Davis KC MP, Prime Minister of The Bahamas, who hailed the event as a “big day” for Grand Bahama, maritime energy, and transatlantic shipping. The project is anticipated to bring $72 million in investments to the island.

“The Bahamas, as a major transhipment and fueling hub, is a natural fit for this operation, and Grand Bahama is the ideal locale for this major investment,” stated Prime Minister Davis. He elaborated that Liwathon received funding for the redevelopment of operations at the South Riding Point Terminal from the Export-Import Bank of the United States (US EXIM Bank). This funding represents the largest commitment by the US EXIM Bank to a CARICOM-based project.

The terminal is expected to create 80 jobs and stimulate the local economy through commerce with businesses providing inspection, maintenance, hospitality services, and other sectors that will benefit from this project. Prime Minister Davis also noted the historical significance of the terminal, referencing the major oil spill incident during Hurricane Dorian and highlighting Liwathon’s commitment to high safety standards and environmental protection.

Distinguished guests at the ceremony included His Excellency Tom Hartley, the British High Commissioner, The Rt Hon Chester Cooper, the Deputy Prime Minister of The Bahamas, The Rt Hon Ginger Moxey, the Minister for Grand Bahama, and representatives from the United States Embassy in The Bahamas.

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