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In 2021, Alcmene GmbH was established as a vital addition to the Liwathon family, with its headquarters in Vienna, Austria. The company was formed with a focus on engaging in the trading of crude and refined products, alongside acquiring midstream assets in Europe and North America. This initiative represented a significant diversification of Liwathon's operations and marked an expansion of its influence within the global energy market.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Liwathon Group, Alcmene has been making strategic moves to bolster its position in the global energy sector. Central to its business model is the trading of crude oil and refined products. This approach aims to create diverse revenue streams, enhancing the company's adaptability to market dynamics and strengthening its risk management in the competitive global energy market.

Looking forward, Alcmene has a clear ambition to become a major player in the DACH region, especially in Germany.
Alcmene has strategically acquired a 25% share in MiRO Mineraloelraffinerie Oberrhein GmbH & Co. KG, with the expectation of closing this transaction in the first quarter of 2024, subject to regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions. This development, poised to be completed by 2024, will also mark the commencement of Alcmene's supply of refined products to the German market.

Mission & Vision

Alcmene, as part of its overarching mission, is dedicated to powering sustainable transport. This commitment involves providing services and infrastructure crucial for the mobility of people and goods. The company focuses on advancing economic and social development in a way that benefits both current and future generations. Alcmene's approach is centred on ensuring that these developments are safe, affordable, accessible, efficient, and resilient. Importantly, the company places a strong emphasis on minimizing carbon and other emissions, as well as reducing environmental impacts, aligning with global efforts towards sustainability.

Complementing this mission, Alcmene's vision positions it as the preferred independent partner in the downstream oil sector. The company aims to be the go-to choice for major oil companies that are looking to reduce their involvement in oil refining and shift their focus towards the energy transition. Despite this shift, these majors still require reliable avenues for crude oil sales for their upstream operations and need product purchase options for their retail outlets. Alcmene seeks to fill this niche, providing essential services and partnerships that facilitate these companies' transition while ensuring their operational needs are met efficiently.

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